• Giotto’s descendants and his own Japanese name are named after Tokugawa Shoguns: Ieyasu, Yoshimune, Yoshinobu, Ietsuna, Iemitsu, and Tsunayoshi.
  • Giotto was briefly shown in the Kokuyo Arc during the battle of Mukuro versus Tsuna; although, he was more of an outlined figure rather than a full drawing.
  • Giotto’s name can be translated as “gentle/peaceful ruler” in Italian. It is also the name of a famous Italian painter.
  • In the most recent poll, Giotto ranked 12th in popularity and 6th in strength.
  • In the Drama CD, Giotto mentioned that the name “Primo” are given by his guardians and he ‘surprisingly’ like it. Daemon revealed that the name shows their dedication that they will ensure the lasting of the Famiglia.
  • Tsuna and Giotto have many similarities:
    • Both have the same appearance, but different hair colors, along with very spiky hair.
    • Both can go into Hyper Dying Will Mode.
    • Both have the Vongola Hyper Intuition.
    • Both can use Zero Point Breakthrough.
    • Both climbed a mountain to gain a higher level of stamina.
    • Both have no qualms about recruiting Guardians and members from outside their Famiglia.
    • Both have a soft nature.
    • Both of their Japanese names are named after Tokugawa shoguns.
    • Future Tsuna and Giotto have the same seiyu.
    • Both use Mantello di Vongola Primo and Mitena di Vongola Primo.
    • Giotto and G. were the first two members of vigilante group, similar to Tsuna and Gokudera being the first two members of their generation.
    • He was about the same age as Tsuna when he and G. formed the Vongola.
    • Both were commented to be unsuit to become a Mafia Boss by their Mist Guardians (Daemon and Mukuro respectively).
    • Both were friends with the Simon Bosses of their generation (Giotto with Cozarto and Tsuna with Enma).
    • Both were considered to be young for what they were doing; Giotto with his vigilante group, the Vongola’s original purpose, and Tsuna as a mafia boss.
    • According to Timoteo, Giotto’s action was similar to what Tsuna and his Family are doing.

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