[HD SCANS] EXO for Men’s Style Magazine, September 2013 Issue

S_MensStyle_1309_CoverClick enlarge the photo

S_MensStyle_1309_EXO1 S_MensStyle_1309_EXO2

S_MensStyle_1309_Kris1 S_MensStyle_1309_Kris2

S_MensStyle_1309_Kai1 S_MensStyle_1309_Kai2

S_MensStyle_1309_BaekHyun1 S_MensStyle_1309_Baekhyun2

S_MensStyle_1309_SeHun1 S_MensStyle_1309_SeHun2

S_MensStyle_1309_SuHo1 S_MensStyle_1309_SuHo2

S_MensStyle_1309_Lay1 S_MensStyle_1309_Lay2

S_MensStyle_1309_Chen1 S_MensStyle_1309_Chen2

S_MensStyle_1309_LuHan1 S_MensStyle_1309_LuHan2

S_MensStyle_1309_Tao1 S_MensStyle_1309_Tao2

S_MensStyle_1309_DO1 S_MensStyle_1309_DO2

S_MensStyle_1309_ChanYeol1 S_MensStyle_1309_ChanYeol2

S_MensStyle_1309_XiuMin1 S_MensStyle_1309_XiuMin2

Credit : theexostyle

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