48 Hours

Ayo, nonton dulu trailer fanfic-nya. Entah kenapa tiba-tiba aku kembali kepikiran fanfiction ini. Bisa dibilang ini EXO fanfiction yang paling menggemparkan yang pernah aku baca dan paling populer sepanjang tahun 2012 lalu di kalangan EXO stan. Fanfiction ini ditulis oleh EXO stan asal China dan kemudian udah ditranslate ke dalam bahasa Inggris. Jadi yang sama sekali belum baca, jangan mau ketinggalan dan direkomendasikan banget fanfiction ini.

A story by 辛辛息息

Chi-Eng translation by heecups

Translation page from lukais.livejournal.com


“Dear boys, welcome to the white paradise, the most magical house in LA.
Let’s play a game.
It’s good for you to know the following things:
Don’t try to get out of the house, it is out of your capabilities.
You have a small magic ring on your neck and there is a small knife hidden inside it. It will give you a little punishment if you break the rules.
You will have to divide yourselves into two teams.
The two boys standing nearest to the door will be the captains. Both of the captains will choose their first team members. The ones who get picked will choose the next members. It goes on like this until nobody is left.
The game is very simple and has only two rules:
1. After 48 hours, only one boy should be alive in this house.
2. The last two boys who are alive should belong to one team.
Good luck my dear boys. We wish you the best of luck in this weekend.
Your housekeepers.”

Click HERE to read in English Version

Click HERE to read in Indonesian Version

Cr: heecupslukais.livejournal.com

The synopsis is taken from 48 Hours translation

Trailer cr: Lete Tran

Poster cr: 24.media.tumblr.com and the right owner


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