[FANACCNT] 130412 Sehun’s Birthday Fanaccounts


  • As an introduction, Suho said “thank you so much for coming here for my birthday~~~~” and the other members went “what are you doing???” (cr: 첸가 @ EXO DC trans: sehunownsme)
  • Suho: Why did you guys come to this place that looks like it is going to collapse? Fans: Sehun’s birthday! Suho: Isn’t it EXO’s anniversary? Then Sehun made an angry expression and Suho looked at him, and said, “Oh, for that…” (cr: 眠夏夏, DC trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Kai wore a crown when he first entered but as he greet fans, it dropped so he placed it on the chair instead… in the end when he was about to sit on it, Chen removed it (from the chair) for him. (trans: xiches)
  • When asked who was the first person who greeted Sehun on his bday, he said it was D.O. who greeted him exactly at 12 midnight. Sehun was a bit disappointed because his other hyungs didn’t greet him and at 12:01 D.O. sent him a text message too. And Kai who was beside Kyungsoo said “I will send him (Sehun) a message too!” (trans: sehunownsme)
  • Kai said he was wearing a couple’s outfit because it was Sehun’s birthday. (denim jackets). As Suho spoke, Sehun kept touching Luhan’s thighs. Chen asked how Sehun was feeling today and he replied in a rather sarcastic tone, “I’m really happy, it’s really interesting..” (trans: xiches)
  • The worker gave Sehun a bottle of purple vitamin water with a straw. Sehun exclaimed, “Oh~ You even inserted the straw for me!” (trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Sehun’s cap dropped. A fan picked it up and gave it to him. He thought it was a present and didn’t take it. After a second glance he then realised it was his cap. (cr: love恩yan trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Chen said that Leader Suho is really great, because he won’t get angry when the members joke around with him. But when the members go overboard, Suho will say, “Stop it” and no one will dare to continue with the joke. (cr: Kai_SexyBlackCat, trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Sehun did a little of the Gwiyomi/Cutie player. (cr: 眠夏夏, DC trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • One of Chen’s mission was to speak in a woman’s voice. (cr: _原博易主_ trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • There was a mission that they (Sehun & Suho) should do Chanyeol’s lines in the Sunny10 cf. They said Kris might know it, but he said he didn’t. (trans: sehunownsme)
  • Junmyeon immitated Chanyeol’s lines on sunny10, “한번 찌그러진 캔 은 다시 펴지지 않아” (cr:DC trans: canyeol)
  • Suho sang the digits song. The one that goes “1.. 2… 3..” (cr: 眠夏夏, DC trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Suho wore a ribbon on his head and told Sehun “My present for you is myself” (cr: parkchanppe trans: sehunownsme)
  • Suho had overexcessive variety skills again today, but no one bothered about him so he was “high” by himself. He even said (안하잖아 엑소컴백) “Isn’t EXO not making a comeback?” at the end. (cr: 牙1127 trans: xiches)
  • Suho was exploding with variety sense tonight, he even said, “Because Baekhyun isn’t here, so no one can stop me!”
  • Question picked: If you were the leader? Sehun: I will gather all the members and punish them! (cr: DC trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Fan: How does Sehun attack his hyungs (Luhan)? Suho: There isn’t anything special, because to Sehun, Luhan is special. Luhan: What?! (cr: 维尼尼 trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Fan: Any weak points? Suho: Just keep praising Sehun, even if he made mistakes, you have to say it nicely to him one to one. (cr: 最受宠哒凡baby trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Kris asked why Sehun was so handsome and when others started jeering, he changed it to “why is Sehun so ugly”. (trans: xiches)
  • When deciding how long to play the age reversal game, Kai and Sehun said “1 minute? 2 minutes? or 1 day? or maybe 2?” and then both (kids) high fived! (trans: xiches)
  • To delay time during the age-reversal game, Kai said he wanted to drink water, Sehun drank after him. Kai treated the bottle like a mike and exploded into laughter, saying he really thought it was a mike. (trans: xiches)
  • Kris was not talking when they were playing 반말 game. Sehun said quietly, almost whispering “Why is our Kris not talking?” (cr: DC trans: canyeol)
  • After a while, Sehun immediately said “Hyung! (doesn’t dare to say Kris again) I’m only doing this for fun!” (cr: DC trans: canyeol)
  • Sehun was really addicted to the age-switching game (in which the oldest becomes the youngest and vice versa), he requested for them to continue playing, so Suho said “see you at home, we’ll talk about it when it ends.” (trans: xiches)
  • During the age reversal game, Sehun had the time of his life, Kai too, using so much in-formalities.. in the end when it ended, Sehun kneel before Suho while Kai kept his “I’m still older” look. (trans: xiches)
  • The girl group dances were determined by throwing a die. Sehun and Kai danced Hoot in a cool way. Luhan said it wasn’t sexy enough.
  • Kai used too much energy when he was dancing Hoot, and got laughed at by Chen. (cr: Kai_SexyBlackCat, DC trans:exonyeoshidae)
  • Luhan and Suho lost to “rock,paper,scissors” and they were asked to dance. They were deciding what to dance and they said Gee but someone (Jongdae?) suggested that doing Sistar’s Alone is better.
  • Luhan claimed he didn’t know the choreography to “Alone” so Suho demonstrated once. As Suho danced, he learned by the side, lifting his leg up and then shaking his butt. (cr: 怒怒est_ trans: xiches)
  • During the girl group dance segment, Suho changed the lyrics of Alone to “I MC alone, how do i do it alone… today is Sehun’s birthday”. (trans: xiches)
  • Even though yaja time (age reversal game) was over, Jongin and Sehun kept speaking in banmal. Chen said they’ll let them do it for 5 mins if they dance to a girl group song. Sehun stood up and said he’ll do it if Jongin is doing it with him.
  • They were thinking of what to dance and they said they wanted Gee. Someone (Kris) suggested they do Kara’s butt dance for 6 mins. (trans: sehunownsme)
  • In the end, the other members made them sit down and Luhan said since they were thinking of what to dance and they said they wanted Gee. (trans: sehunownsme)
  • When Luhan and Suho were done with the “alone” dance, they wanted Sehun to do it too but he was shy.. so Chen gave him a condition that if he danced, he’d give him 5 minutes to play the age reversal game and he did it… he dragged Kai along with him and bargained for 6 minutes of that game. Kai did dance little but it was just the butt-shaking part. (cr: DC trans: xiches)
  • As Kai walked up to choose a question, he commented that there was nothing much to choose from so Luhan walked up and chose one, saying “I really want to know the answer to this.” The question was “how to grow taller?” (trans: xiches)
  • A fan asked about the secrets to growing tall so Sehun answered “I don’t have the habit of drinking milk and I sleep really late at night, so this is all hereditary.” After finishing his sentence, he looked at Luhan and added “Hyung, looks like it doesn’t work for you~” (trans: xiches)
  • Luhan told Sehun “you shouldn’t be growing any taller anymore”. (cr: DC trans: xiches)
  • Suho told Sehun that height didn’t signify who was the “biggest brother” while Kris mumbled by the side “if you’re tall, you’re the biggest”. (trans: xiches)
  • Kris said that tall people are hyungs, Kai then said that he has three younger brothers (referring to three people shorter than him). (cr:DC trans: canyeol)
  • Kris said Sehun has the potential to be as tall as him. He then look at Suho and said, “But I think it is impossible for him.” Suho then told Kris to sit down, but everyone started saying that even if Kris sat down, he would be at Suho’s height. (cr: 卑鄙BAbe被逼哔哔bb trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Sehun complained that the questions Suho chose were un-entertaining so Suho “erupted” and told Sehun to pick them himself… Kai stood at the back and encouraged him, “He asked you to choose yourself, hurry up..” Sehun decided to let a fan choose so he picked someone in uniform and asked which school she was from… the fan answered but Sehun said he hadn’t heard of that school, Sehun claimed he actually thought he’d know of it.. (trans: xiches)
  • Kai dropped his phone on the floor, perhaps he was preventing any awkward scenario so as he picked it up, he commented “Aiyo, it’s already 7.50pm…”
  • Kai laughed like a witch, I didn’t know it was him at first, but he sounded so much like a witch. Luhan was just nodding and blinking today. The person who spoke the least was Kris. Suho said it was impossible without Chanyeol and Baekhyun, there were some really cold jokes. When the cake was presented, Suho said that if Chanyeol was here, he would have mentioned his responsibility to light up the cake…. (cr: 卑鄙BAbe被逼哔哔bb trans: xiches)
  • Since Baekhyun isn’t there, Suho said he’ll be the MC but the moment he said that, there was a sudden silence that made the atmosphere a bit awkward. Chen told Suho he’s doing this so seriously that’s why he made the atmosphere weird. Chen said that he asked Suho earlier if he can do it and Suho just said he’ll just do it. As Chen was speaking, his last few words sounded like a Korean folk song (ending) and it was as if he was making excuses saying he’s preparing to sing. Suho teased him, asking what he will sing, MAMA? Chen said he’ll sing the birthday song. (cr: 첸가 @ EXO DC trans: sehunownsme)
  • Suho: Why is the atmosphere like this? Chen: Because you are the one MC-ing. You should sing a song! Suho: What? MAMA? Chen: ..Birthday song. Suho: We can’t sing because the cake isn’t here yet. So Suho told Sehun to say his thoughts first, they’ll sing when the cake comes. (trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Suho gave the mic to Kris first, but he kept avoiding. After Suho’s many attempts, Kris finally said, “Happy birthday, our maknae.” Sehun then said, “Hyung, actually you have nothing much to say right?” Kris: Have you been trying really hard to grow taller? I’m anticipating! After that he patted Suho’s shoulders and said, “Well, not him.” Suho sat down but realised that he was a lot shorter than Kris that way so he hurriedly stood up. (trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • Suho then wanted Luhan to say a few words but changed his mind and said, “Nope Luhan is too precious/special, we’ll save him for the last.” So Suho passed the mic to Kai instead. Kai said, “What we are wearing today makes us look like a couple. But it wasn’t intentional.” After that Kris said, “We have couple pants!!” Kai ended saying, “Even if I don’t say anything, you know how I feel.” And the mic was passed to Chen. (trans: exonyeoshidae)
  • When saying their well wishes to Sehun, Chen said he’s happy that Sehun goes to his room, but please pack before leaving. (cr: 最受宠哒凡 trans: xiches)
  • Suho told Sehun that he’s been a good follower for 3 years and counting and it would be good if he follows him for another 3 years. Suho then, kissed Sehun’s cheeks after saying that. (cr: 첸가 @ EXO DC trans: sehunownsme)
  • When it was Luhan’s turn to say his wellwishes, he told Sehun to stop growing any taller because now, even if he wears shoelifts, he looks shorter than Sehun already… Sehun replied “Hyung, you don’t have anything much to say to me right…” and Luhan replied that it’s because they share the same room now anyway. (cr: 牙1127 trans: xiches)
  • During the ending when Suho was thanking everyone quite seriously, Chen butted in and said “Yes Kim Junmyeon-ssi, happy birthday”. (trans: sehunownsme)

Credits: as tagged

Translated by: @sehunownsme@xiches@exonyeoshidae@canyeol

Compiled by: King Krong @ CODE:EXO


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