[FAN ACC] 130326 Xiumin Birthday Party

Foto: #Xiumin -xiumin, "Di EXO M, lay adalah ibu yang memasak, sedangkan aku yang membersihkan kekeke."-[FAN]" Minseok-oppa, apa lagu yang kau nyanyikan saat kontes dimana kau mendapat juara dua?"xiumin, "Lagu Emerald Castle - Step"-impresi Xiumin untuk Chen, wajah chen menakutkan, tapi ketika sudah mendengar chen menyanyi, ternyata suaranya sangat bagus.-Xiumin suka main angry birds (?) lol XD-Suatu hari Xiumin sedang ngobrol dgn Chen |xiumin: antara uang dan itelektual,mana yg akan kau pili?|Chen: aku pilih uang|xiumin tersenyum dan bilang : kalau aku akan memilih intelektual,kamu tau mengapa?|chen: pasti aku tau mengapa! karena semua orang akan memilih yang tidak dia punya kan?*LOL, Chen ngomongnya jleb banget -_-*-xiumin dan luhan suka bola & olahraga.cr: berbagai sumber-Wu

1) Baekhyun: “One day, I was on the computer without a mouse pad, so Minseok hyung went out to buy me one.” Yixing: “As for me, I didn’t have a computer mouse, so hyung bought me a mouse.” The fans started shouting in awe as Baekhyun and Yixing were talking about how nice and giving Xiumin is when… Chanyeol: “I don’t have a computer…” Suho: “I don’t have a car…”

2) When it was time to answer the fans’ post-it questions, the members were to take turns choosing which to answer. Suho: “Lay-shi, pick one~” Yixing: “I have trouble reading Korean. Have another member go first.” While someone else went up to the white board to choose a question, Suho looked to his side where Yixing was and then pestered him once more, “Lay-shi, pick one~” Yixing then raised his voice a bit to say, “Ah, just wait! Let me read first!!” When it was finally his turn to choose a question, Yixing was still hesitant. It started to get obvious that Suho was enjoying this, and he said, AGAIN, “Lay-shi, pick one~” Yixing: “Ah, why [me]?!” Suho then jokingly said, “I’ll give you an hour to choose. Lay-shi, I’ll give you a whole hour to choose~”

3) For the ending ment, Suho asked the fans present to love/support them for a long time, for 10 years, for 100 years. Chanyeol and the fans started laughing and jokingly reasoned that it’s an extreme request to ask the fans to love them for 100 more years when a human’s average life span isn’t ((that)) long. Suho mumbled to himself, “…Then, thirty years…?” In the end, he compromised to ask the fans to love EXO for eighty more years.

4) When it was Suho’s turn to relay his birthday message, he gave Xiumin a handshake. Baekhyun joked, “Ah, the elders…” while Chanyeol commented, “Ah, so the adults do it [greet] like that.” Baekhyun and Chanyeol shook each other’s hands as well to “mock” their hyungs. Suho then mentioned how he felt really awkward because he wasn’t used to calling Minseok by his stage name, “Xiumin.” In an attempt to lessen the awkwardness, Suho started off with compliments, “Xiumin…He is nice…………He is nice……….He is nice……..” Baekhyun: “You seem to be already out of things to say….”

5) After handing out all the autographed balloons, Suho grabbed the mic and spoke while sporting a dead-serious face, “If the people who won these balloons take the bus home instead, get hit by the high winds, and upload a proof picture after all that………” There was a dramatic pause here, and some of the fans thought that Suho was going to announce another autographed fan item to give away. Everyone was waiting in anticipation until… Suho: “….If you do all that, we’ll give you EXO’s love!!” Baekhyun: “It’s not like you were preparing an actual gift…” Suho exclaimed, with a teasing grin, “There’s no better/bigger gift than that of EXO’s love~” Baekhyun: “That’s right~ That’s right~”


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Credit : THEKAISOO.tumblr.com


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