Kris’s old friend/ex classmate talks about him


so this old friend and ex classmate of kris when he was still studying in guangzhou came back to ~reveal~ some stuff about him (he talked about him a few months back). there is no concrete proof to prove that he’s a 真腿 so don’t take it 100% seriously, but among all the other lame 爆料s i’ve read this seems real enough though. he also talked about how his handwriting was really ugly back then and in the end it was really true so, lol. i picked out a few answers that are not so private. 

How did you become friends with Kris?

He talked to me first, and then we got closer. Actually he doesn’t especially like playing basketball. I feel that he plays it just because of his height advantage. In the past, we had a classmate who’s dad played for the national team, so he always asked us out for a game or two, but Kris rarely came along.

I heard that he was quite a loner in school and didn’t like to talk much?
If you don’t talk to him, of course he wouldn’t talk to you. If you’re enthusiastic enough, he will also be the same.

Did he have difficulties doing math in school?
He is pretty decent in math, a little better than me. He never got first for english though, the girls were better than him.

What is his ideal type? Does he like pretty girls?
He likes pretty girls. Ideal type is pretty similar to mine I guess, we watched Huan Zhu back then and we both liked Qing er.

*还珠格格 is a very classic ancient chinese drama that every chinese probably have watched lol. 晴儿 was one of the main characters and uh, you can google her if you want I guess LOL but there’s an original and new version of 还珠格格 so I don’t know which 晴儿 he liked /)__- 

Were there any funny incidents that happened back in school?
Oh I remember one! There was once I kept sneezing in class, so I scolded “god dammit, who’s cursing me?” and then he suddenly sneezed loudly from behind, so I knew it was him who was talking bad about me!

Also, there was once he saw me drawing beautifully on the person in the textbook, so he tried to copy me but it ended up ugly as hell. The teacher even saw it, I want to laugh now that I think of it.

Have you ever seen Kris getting mad?
When we hung out that time, there was once when he got mad, which was also the only time I ever saw him getting angry. A few of us classmates were playing around a neighbourhood, and we noticed a dog that looked very fierce and ugly chained to one of the houses. The metal chain was tangled around the dog’s neck so it started barking madly, it was quite sad. The few of us were scared of dogs, so we didn’t go over. Kris decided to go over there to help that dog, but the dog wanted to bite him for more than one time. He struggled with the dog for very long before coming back to us with a wronged and accused face. He angrily complained, “I don’t know what the dog is thinking”

Why was Kris so tanned back then?
Come live in Guangzhou for awhile and you’ll know

Did he have any interesting nicknames last time?
Everyone just called him by his name.

Have you ever seen him cry?
No, does laughing until he cried counts?

What is the most interesting part about his personality?
The most interesting part about his personality is that he’s not interesting.

What is his favourite hobby?
Sleeping, I guess. Everytime we ask him to hang out, he’ll say that he wants to sleep.

Does he have anything he doesn’t like to eat?
He doesn’t particularly like seafood. He didn’t touch any kind of seafood back in school.

What kind of songs did he listen to?
Jay Chou, David Tao, we both liked them

translated by yixingdotjpg / @netizhang


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