A CHINESE FAN’S LETTER TO KRIS… worth a read if you think you’re really an EXO fan (Part 2)


Kris, who takes care of the kids when OT12 unites on Happy Camp. When He Jiong (host) asked if there’s anyone willing to receive punishment on his behalf, he first nudged Chanyeol and Sehun, asking them to raise their hand before slowly raising his own. This kid will never think for himself first!

Not only towards seniors, but towards everyone, you’re always full of respect. Onstage during SMTown, Yesung initially wanted to shake your hand, but this kid bowed 90 degrees instead. Still remember Show Champion when he kept bowing to the other rookies groups present? Every single bow was 90 degrees. On the stage of Happy Camp OT12, you, who kept bowing to the host and fans, I kept all of these in my heart.

Debut showcase, you, who gave up your chair for Leeteuk. Such a big distance between you two, you still gave him a bow after giving him your chair. The first time you bowed to the host of Happy Camp, the bows you gave to fans off the camera, I like every single one of them!


Are you sighing because the fans look up to you? But honestly I want to tell you, Kris, the best leader title no doubt goes to you.


When Xiumin encountered a problem with security, Kris immediately went to check what happened; the one who’s always protecting his members, protecting them under his wings without caring if he’s going to get hurt, BB cream smeared on his shirt and even almost getting run over by a car.

You are EXO-M’s leader, you will guide the youngest member Tao, you will comfort him when he cries, you will accompany him to shop.

When members don’t know how to answer questions, you will silently take the mic from them. When members want to talk, you will caringly pass the mic to them. Those who interacted with Kris will probably get attracted by his warmth!


Looking at the beads of perspiration on your forehead, my heart aches, but I know, this is the hard work you have put in and accumulated, a justification of the days and nights of training. Looking at the determination in your eyes, I believe, each drop of perspiration represents your dream, they’re all the reward for the effort you have put in. Thank you! Thank you for each drop of your perspiration, those that we can witness onstage, and those that we can’t witness offstage, every bit of them!


In airports, you will always bow warmly to the fans who came to send you off, waving your hand, nodding your head in acknowledgement and sweeping your eyesight all over the cameras. I know, you want to look at each and every lenses thoroughly, to let every single one of these fans who came all the way here with big bags to get at least one shot of you looking straight into their cameras.

Many people say you’re trying to act cool infront of fans again, but I want to say, if one day Kris looks down and quickly scurries past everyone without even looking at any cameras, will you guys be happy? He’s just thinking for the fans, and this is his job, an idol! So what’s wrong with looking at the camera? Don’t look at the camera, you guys accuse him of being obnoxious and proud. Look at the camera, you guys accuse him of trying to act cool. I don’t know what to say anymore.

When Taozi is saying his “thank you” speech to Kris, his eyes turned red. Just because you’re the leader, that’s why you cannot cry when you feel like it, you can only hold it in?

Kris, you make my heart ache like that, letting me love you to the bones. Your tolerance, your leadership, your maturity, your kindness, your expressionless face, your cuteness, the care you shower over your members, everything.


When his finger got pricked by his ring, he didn’t even make a single noise. He looks over his members as they play around and crack jokes, maintaining his silence alone.

Maybe he will feel uncertain and nervous onstage, but because he’s the leader, he still has to shoulder all responsibilities. Actually he’s not a perfect god, he also gets nervous and afraid. He also gets tired and lethargic, he also has a childish side, also crumbles inside and makes mistakes. But all these makes Kris even more real, making me love him more each other.


He ranks the third in M when it comes to age, but because he’s the leader, the responsibility of talking during interviews in on him, the responsibility of making sure the atmosphere doesn’t turn awkward is also on him. Even in Disneyland when everyone is playing happily, the responsibility of buying tickets also goes to him.
Just because he’s the leader, that’s why he also has to promote the K team.

Just because he’s the leader, that’s why he has to pick up the mic and say “We have 4 chinese members.”

Just because he’s the leader, he has countless responsibilities and tasks added on him.

Just because he’s the leader… but, who will remember, he’s also just another kid born in 1990?


That fancam of you secretly singing to “Zhi Shao Hai You Ni”, the expression on your face was so sincere. This song must have a story, right? About your past, your family. I just want to say, everyone has his own privacy, please don’t force him to say anymore. I still remember Extraordinary Class, that video really angered me. Little boy blatantly asking you why do you always carrying that “broken bag”, asking you repeatedly for more than one time. That sudden flash past your eyes at that time… what was it? You adjusted yourself so quickly and continued using those soft and caring eyes to look at that boy without a hint of unhappiness. My heart, really, aches for you.

You once said during an interview that you like to read self-improvement/reflection books, you like kind girls. Do you know how many girls were influenced by what you have said? The person I love is not a flower vase, he is a person who has dreams and is responsible and talented. A singer that works hard every single minute and second onstage, a professional and dependable leader, an idol that smiles at fans no matter what. A 90’s kid that is better person everyday compared to the previous day. As an idol, one should exude positive energy. I just want to say, you really did it!


I admire Kris the most not because of the passion for his dreams, because anyone can say how much he or she loves his passion or dreams. I think the most precious value is persistence. It’s going through years and years of repeated training yet still holding on to that persistence for your dreams, enduring the loneliness, enduring the stress and still having to fight the future that is unknown. How many people can actually achieve such persistence for themselves to chase their dreams?

I think everyone knows how difficult it is to be an artiste. Kris definitely knows it better than us, but he never turned back.

Now we see him lightly talking about the difficulties during his trainee life in the past, with a faint smile on his face. I think he must have a strong heart, a teenager leaving behind his family, his country and his hometown, fighting and fighting, just for his dreams.

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translation: yixingdotjpg / @xingqis


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