EXO-M has 6 songs in their mini album right? Xiumin only has a total of 6 lines.

Into Your World

没有生命力 没感情 每天毫无根据
最后我怒吼 我狂奔 我回温 不想要世界变的冷

她 的泪滴怎么看不出来有情绪 x2

I counted before, 15 seconds in total.

Have you watched EXO M’s performances  of Into Your World? Other than the chorus, Xiumin only raises his mic 2 times. Each time for less than 2 seconds.

This is the boy who trained for 4 years in SM after winning the FIRST place of EverySing contest in 2008. This is what he got.

Kim Minseok has a cute appearance, just like the classic kind of handsome korean boy. Xiumin doesn’t have a lot of chances to showcase himself. His dancing foundation is really strong, but because of his height and built, he’s destined not to be the main dancer no matter how good he is. He can’t show case his dance skills so he can only sell his aegyo obediently. Baozi Baozi Baozi… Kim Minseok, are you sick of explaining this nickname yet? Tao, oppa, Tao, oppa… Kim Minseok, are you tired of explaining this joke already?

But what can he do?
Minseok is smart, he knows his own identity. He does well in what he’s supposed to do, he doesn’t lust after opportunities he can’t have. He shines, but doesn’t steal the limelight from the others. In the group, he contributes silently but doesn’t get a lot of attention in return. An idol like that nowadays is hard to find, especially in the industry in China.
He really touched me with one particular photo, at LA Disneyland. Xiumin was carrying Tao and Yixing’s bags, trailing behind everyone at the very back of the whole group. Chen was with the China line, together with Baekhyun and Sehun, playing everywhere. But Xiumin wasn’t. There were many photos taken that day, but he was barely in any shots.
Actually, not only on that particular day, but his official press photos and fan taken photos have always been very little. Even if there is, you have to look for them meticulously first. Xiumin is small, it’s so easy for him to get blocked by the other extremely tall and built members of the group. A small faded smile is always hanging on his face, looking at the younger members who are playing around happily.
Xiumin is the complete opposite of Luhan onstage and offstage. Luhan always has a shy image onstage, while Xiumin has to portray a witty and adorable image because that is his role. Off the stage, he is completely the big brother with a mature thinking and mindset. He is serious and calm, he doesn’t really participate in the craziness along with his dongsaengs. He doesn’t voluntarily step forward to showcase himself,  doesn’t fight doesn’t snatch for the chance to. He doesn’t even really approach people on his own. His age and personality might have played a part in the maturity and responsibility in him.
To be honest, to be the oldest but not appointed as the leader, not being the maknae but having to act cute is extremely awkward for a Korean boy like him. Perhaps it’s the age gap between the dongsaengs, I’ve always felt that Xiumin is lonely on the inside.
My personal take on this. Xiumin is not my ultimate bias, but he’s on my top few favourites in EXO. As a dancer myself, I can see that Xiumin is clearly very good in dancing. If you’ve watched his practice video with Greg Hwang and Yixing, he was actually much much better than Yixing. Even now, there are certain parts of the choreography in History and MAMA that he executes much better than Yixing. I don’t know how he trained, but his strong foundation in dancing is very evident. His moves and angles are the smoothest and cleanest out of all 12 of them, and that includes Kai. But like what they said, because of his built and height, he’s destined to be deemed unfit for the role of the main dancer. It’s true.

I’m also extremely sick of the nickname Baozi. However, I thank Luhan for inventing it because I know he did it on purpose. He wants to create a specific image for Xiumin so that fans will find it endearing and pick it up. This is why Luhan often brings it up during interviews. He’s not stupid, he just wants to promote Xiumin and make the chinese fans take more notice of him. Xiumin knows that as well, that’s why he always accept the nickname graciously with a smile, always up for gags related to buns because that is the only thing he can do to get his name out there right now.

You know what makes me cringe the most? the fact that he has to bring up his “shouting” skills during interviews. It’s not exactly a skill, but it’s the only thing that can distinguish himself from the rest. I cringe so hard everytime he mentions it. Also, I will never forget the awkward facial expression he and Chen has whenever there are only 1 or 2 (or even none) banners and supporters for them while there are 948593545 fan boards and screams for Luhan and Kris. What pains me the most is that he and Chen still force themselves to smile infront of all of them, because one fan is better than having none. they accept their fate and try their best to fight on… because that’s the only thing they can do.

It was never fair for Xiumin. In this race to stardom, his starting line was far behind the others.

As international fans, we honestly cannot show much direct support for Xiumin to let him know that we love him. But just take a little more time to appreciate him and his efforts, reblog this translation to other exo fans out there, edit more photos of him etc. He might not see your effort, just like how we’re not able to see his, but every little thing goes a long way :’)

source: EXOM吧

translation: yixingdotjpg / @mochimilktea

Click Here for Indonesian Version



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