A Spark of Moonlight

Remember the famous picture of EXO‘s Kris standing on Andy Garcia‘s star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the caption, “Hollywood i will have my name there one day,” and, “wait for me”?

Has anyone ever thought for a moment why Kris chose to specifically take a picture in front of Andy Garcia‘s star, and not any other star?

Is Andy Garcia one of Kris‘ Hollywood favorite stars and inspiration? Is it surprising that Andy Garcia and Kris have some similarities?

I’m sure that many are aware of who Andy Garcia is. Andy Garcia is a Cuban American actor that was prominent in several Hollywood movies in the 80’s and 90’s. He starred in many well-known movies such as, The Godfather III and the Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels.

In his early life, Andy Garcia used to be on the basketball team at Miami Beach…

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